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Vista Springs increases census by 40% and sees its highest shift fill rate in years with SAMI

CNA kneels next to a man reading in a beige chair next to a window in a long-term care center.

Not only have we found that independent professionals scheduled via ShiftKey are more responsible than workers being sent from agencies, but I'm not wasting time anymore. Everything is all in the system; it's all automatic and it’s that simple.

Jessica HunterSenior Operations Support Executive, Vista Springs

Vista Springs provides assisted living services at communities throughout Michigan and Ohio.

Before adopting SAMI, Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration, the entire Vista Springs team was burning out — including leadership, who were spending countless hours coordinating agencies and filling shifts themselves.

By adopting SAMI, the Vista Springs team has found relief from burnout and achieved incredible results, such as:

  • 40% increase in resident occupancy rate at one community
  • 42% reduction in unfilled shifts
  • 30% reduction in overtime, helping employees reduce burnout
  • 100% total workforce transparency

Read the case study to learn more about how Vista Springs is using SAMI to increase hiring and occupancy growth across its communities.

Read the Case Study