Empowered work gives you control over how your career fits into your life. It provides the fairness, flexibility and freedom other professionals often miss, without sacrificing stability and financial security.

A female nurse and her young daughter look affectionately at each other while drawing pictures together at their kitchen table on a sunny morning
A nurse in scrubs sitting next an elderly female patient with their backs to the camera in a sunny long term care facility bedroom.

At ShiftKey, our marketplace brings opportunities in over 3,000 facilities to a growing community of independent professionals, including nurses, CNAs, therapists and many others with distinct specialties.

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Accept as many opportunities as you want or need, and create a work cadence that suits your life.

Bid on shifts for the hourly rate you feel you deserve, and earn what you’re worth every time you suit up.

ShiftKey makes it simple to upload your own credentials and make changes as your skills increase.

We partner with Stride Health to provide access to benefits and ensure that independent workers are treated fairly.

ShiftKey is easy to use and it travels right beside you. Schedule work in new areas when you’re away from home.

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A male nurse in scrubs smiling while using a standing computer in a long term care facility common area
A close up of a female nurse in scrubs holding the hand of an elderly female patient using a walker in a long term care facility bedroom.

For independent workers, empowerment becomes a part of daily life, increasing the energy and conviction they bring not only to their jobs, but to all the roles, responsibilities and simple joys that drive them.

A nurse and a resident, holding hands to show how much they care for one another


ShiftKey’s technology was born out of an authentic, inspired, determined drive to empower people into stability, growth and freedom.



To Regan Parker, general counsel and chief public affairs officer at ShiftKey, a platform that connects healthcare professionals to open work opportunities, it’s an “interesting moment” for the country’s employment policy.



It’s time to embrace and expand the future of work, empower people to work on their own terms, reinvest in your community, and drive positive impact while creating a more sustainable, equitable economy.