New brand. Bold statement. Same vision.

A nurse and a resident, holding hands to show how much they care for one another

I grew up in a low-income community where a lack of access and integrity in the workplace perpetuated economic disparities. Watching my friends’ families struggle with a healthcare system that wasn’t expansive, equitable or inclusive enough to meet basic needs. Observing the injustice of single moms juggling and sacrificing everything for their families just to get by.

Here’s the rub: That doesn’t make me special or unique. There are too many people who could say the same. And many more who not only observe these themes, but experience them every day.

A few decades later, these same challenges haunt our society and threaten to impact yet another generation of workers and families. At the same time, fears abound (understandably) that technology will take more jobs than it gives, and hurt more lives than it helps.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution – and certainly communities, policies, businesses and people must work together to combat these challenges on a larger scale, working towards a more sustainable, inclusive – and innovative – economy. But we must do something. And we have to get practical.

ShiftKey’s technology was born out of an authentic, inspired, determined drive to empower people into stability, growth and freedom.

In an age where technology can feel like it’s taking work opportunities away from people, we use leading, practical technology and AI to create more opportunities for professionals, organizations, and people to thrive.

As we unveil our new visual identity, our vision and our values remain the same – transform access and integrity in the workplace.

In my 20+ years in business management, healthcare and technology, I’ve seen it all. But when I came to ShiftKey, it felt different.

This wasn’t another staffing company. It wasn’t another healthcare company.

It was a technology company, built to empower and support, taking a full-view of people, the industry, the economy, and ongoing challenges in healthcare and the workforce.

Here there is a concerted focus on building a scalable technology solution to create a more sustainable workforce and economy by way of empowering individuals and communities to thrive.

There’s a strategy to tap into data that equips the independent professional to work on their own terms, while providing facilities with the insights, proof points, and talent network to better care for the people they serve and grow to serve more.

Because of that and the trust we’ve cultivated through real results for our partners and users, we’ve grown into the largest marketplace for facilities to connect directly with independent licensed professionals.

We’ve reflected on the last several years and dreamed about the future. The new visual identity, brand and website embodies our change-driving, gritty, passionate spirit that’s been foundational to the organization since Tom Ellis founded the company in 2016.

This is who we’ve always been – but like many start-ups, we’ve been growing so fast and focused on impact that we didn’t take time to reflect on and tell our story. As Chief Executive Officer, it’s my responsibility to make sure we don’t stop – that we keep moving forward, keep reaching, keep disrupting. Now we’re at an inflection point in our growth where we have a new sense of authority in our identity and we realize that telling our story is necessary to increase our impact.

The brand puts the people we serve at the center, powering ‘life on your own terms’ for every person who uses our technology, including independent professionals, our customers and the people they serve.

What we’ve heard from our community - both facilities and licensed professionals – is they’ve been operating in ‘survival mode’. It’s our responsibility to empower the worker and provide strategic, scalable options for facilities through technology and a data-driven approach.

Technology enables and empowers us – it’s what can change a hospital system, bring stability to a rural nursing home, transform a community and bring hope to a family.

We’re so proud to share this new visual identity and our story with the world, remaining grounded in trust, balance, choice, innovation, empathy and expertise. All while positioning our technology to be scalable beyond healthcare and our mindset to drive true workforce inclusion across many industries. It’s a true embodiment of our brand and people, who will continue to advance empowered work and life for more people, professions and partners.