When your facility can make strategic, data-driven scheduling decisions, and draw from a deep pool of independent, licensed professionals, you’ll see profit, productivity and the quality of care hit new heights.

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A female nurse scheduler and nurse both in scrubs giving standing assistance to an elderly female patient with their backs to the camera in a sunny long term care facility bedroom.
UI screen listing invoice insights. The list is showing: Total uploaded: 10,474,669, Total Processed: 1,474,660, Pending review: 20,176, Resolved: 390,000

Today, we engage hundreds of thousands of licensed professionals and position facilities to focus on growth. It’s a transformative time, driven by increasingly efficient technology and a strong sense of community. We‘re determined to introduce our model to more industries in need, and to keep advocating for dedicated individuals.

ShiftKey Sami Specialities

ShiftKey unites analytics and resourcing technology in a single hub, creating the first complete, cost-effective solution to schedule management. We put our community in control, and provide coordinators with total workforce visibility at any scale.

A weekly schedule list of regular and featured shifts that are either available or booked for each day of the week with a focus on today, April, 3rd, 2023

Connect directly with a growing network of experienced, independent professionals, and choose the people that fit your needs.

Trustworthy credentials are easy to find and scheduling is easy to complete, bringing clarity and speed to administrative tasks.

Post opportunities hours, days, or weeks in advance, and rely on predictive, data-driven insights to guide resourcing decisions.

ShiftKey’s rates are always set, and we only profit at scale. There are no hidden fees, surge pricing or middlemen.

We know the industry inside and out, and our technology is designed in strict compliance and with total integrity.

We’re a business partner, but our ultimate goal is the same as yours: providing quality care for everyone who needs it.

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Annual Professional Sign Ups


Total Professionals active within the last 30 days


A female nurse scheduler, nurse and an elderly female patient laughing together in a long term care facility bedroom.
A list of three available shifts: Certified Nursing Aide, Licensed Vocational Nurse and Physical Therapist Assistant

For independent workers, empowerment becomes a part of daily life, increasing the energy and conviction they bring not only to their jobs, but to all the roles, responsibilities and simple joys that drive them.

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ShiftKey’s technology was born out of an authentic, inspired, determined drive to empower people into stability, growth and freedom.

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Over the last few months, several misinformed news stories have attacked companies that provide access to independent workers, often referred to as “1099” because of the form filed with the IRS.

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SAMI uses a tech-forward approach that equips facilities with workforce patterns, information and analytics to make informed decisions that have an impact on their business – but ultimately driving more effective and consistent patient care.