ShiftKey named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2024


We are thrilled to announce that ShiftKey has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2024! Our win shines a spotlight on the roll-out and success of our Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration (SAMI) product — which allows healthcare facilities to take a holistic view of their schedule and proactively identify and fill workforce gaps. SAMI has helped healthcare facilities achieve optimal workforce coverage, reducing unfilled shifts by 83% and even propelling facilities to achieve their highest shift fill rate in two years.

The product prioritizes a facility’s employees, but can seamlessly schedule independent professionals from the ShiftKey marketplace when needed, through the company’s API. The technology provides facility executives with the visibility they need across their communities to make better decisions for budgeting and organizational growth. In addition, schedulers and administrators are able to be more efficient with their work, allowing organizations to become more intentional and strategic when filling open shifts. Traditionally, healthcare facilities relied on multiple staffing agencies and used disparate systems for scheduling, often relying on pen and paper. With these insights facility employees are able to have more flexibility and control of their schedule, reducing burnout and contributing to greater mental health and retention.

Healthcare facilities utilizing SAMI have experienced tremendous results:

  • 6% increase in census: By increasing the occupancy of post-acute facilities, SAMI helped to reduce the number of patients in the acute system, thereby relieving pressure on the overall healthcare system — and growth for facilities.
  • 83% reduction in unfilled shifts: Facilities using SAMI technology experienced an immediate reduction in unfilled shifts. The average rate of unfilled shifts for healthcare facilities prior to deploying SAMI technology was 15% — a staggering rate impacting full-time employee burnout and patient care. With SAMI technology, the rate of unfilled shifts dropped to 3%, an 83% reduction.
  • 20% increase in employee shift requests: SAMI provides automated workforce transparency and a complete schedule view, allowing facilities to more efficiently identify workforce patterns, demand, and upcoming shift openings or needs. While SAMI also provides access to ShiftKey’s network of independent licensed professionals, facilities actually experienced a 20% increase in their internal employees requesting and filling shifts.
  • 500 hours of administrative time saved: Through the automation of scheduling and workforce planning, SAMI’s technology freed up internal facility employees to devote their time and energy toward patient care.
  • Annual cost savings up to $1.7M: One case study showed annualized cost savings of $1.7 million for a facility group. Workforce costs are one of the greatest budgetary considerations for facilities — making up close to 30% of budget — having access to complete visibility of workforce needs and being able to better plan for any gaps, facilities no longer have to struggle to operate and can trade survival mode for growth mode.

We are so proud that our hard work around SAMI and the good it is doing in the healthcare workforce was recognized by Fast Company, and we look forward to continuing to build products and services that revolutionize how we access work into the future.