A leap forward: Skilled nursing occupancy surges past 82%

A skilled nurse stands outside

A leap forward: Skilled nursing occupancy surges past 82%

Empowerment in numbers ― that's what the latest numbers are telling us about skilled nursing facilities today, with occupancy levels rising above 82% for the first time since April 2020 (as reported by NIC MAP Vision), marking a significant step forward from the days of the pandemic, and signals a sector rebounding with resilience in the face of challenges.

Despite the ongoing workforce shortages that impact new resident admissions in some areas, the healthcare community is finding ways to thrive. Managed Medicare is also rising, indicating a workforce navigating the new normal with resourcefulness and strength.

While pre-pandemic occupancy rates are still on the horizon, the uptick in resident numbers is not just a rebound; it's indicative of the sector's expansion and vitality. As facilities welcome more residents, they're not just increasing occupancy ― they're enhancing their capabilities and solidifying their standing in the healthcare community. ShiftKey supports this growth by offering a dynamic PRN marketplace platform that helps facilities align their staffing levels with this rising demand, helping to ensure they have the robust support needed to accommodate both current and prospective residents.

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