Maybe you’re a single mom who needs more flexibility. Maybe you’re a full-time professional who sometimes needs to make more money. Or maybe working in the industry has left you feeling burned out. Annamarie, Austin, Gloria, Candice, Linkeitha and Tessa know how you feel.

Meet Linkeitha, a CNA.
She’s been in the industry for 18 years. As an independent professional, using the ShiftKey app gives her the time to be a mom to her five children.

Meet Gloria, a CNA.
She’s studying for her BSN and says there’s no way she could also work full-time. She uses the app to book PRN shifts around her classes.

Meet Annamarie, a PTA.
She used ShiftKey to get back to what made her passionate about healthcare. And started putting herself first.

austin cna shiftkey

Meet Austin, a CNA.
He’s managed a facility’s business office, and he’s a CNA. Now, he’s working per diem while building his own business.

tessa rn shiftkey

Meet Tessa, an RN.
She used to work 32-hour weekends. Using the ShiftKey app allows her to homeschool her kids and run a jiujitsu studio.

candice cna shiftkey

Meet Candice, a CNA.
Most of the time, she works full-time at a facility. When she needs to make a little extra, she picks up PRN shifts using the ShiftKey app.