Experience the value of SAMI: Simplified scheduling and stress-free management

Don't get left behind: Experience the value of SAMI

In a landscape where senior care facilities are constantly challenged to meet evolving demands, SAMI (Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration, offered by OnShift, a ShiftKey brand) emerges as the game-changer. This innovative platform, a result of the synergistic partnership between OnShift's premier scheduling software and ShiftKey's extensive marketplace, has already marked a significant shift towards efficiency and quality care across over 500 facilities, filling 245,000 shifts in just one year. With remarkable achievements such as a 6% census increase, leading to $40 million in annualized revenue, and a substantial reduction in unfilled shifts, SAMI underscores the critical importance of embracing advanced technology to enhance operational efficiency, budget management, and the overall care experience in senior care communities.*

Optimized workforce scheduling

Understanding SAMI's transformative impact on scheduling doesn't require a deep dive into complex technology. SAMI offers a unified view of your scheduling needs, ensuring that all scheduling processes are streamlined and efficient and you’re able to fill shifts when you need, as you need.

SAMI is built on three key principles to enhance your scheduling efficiency while respecting the dynamic nature of workforce management:

Empowering your team: SAMI elevates in-house employees by offering them first choice on available shifts, valuing their commitment and advancing retention.

Budget-friendly operations: SAMI provides the necessary visibility and controls to operate within your financial boundaries so you can deliver quality care efficiently, avoiding unnecessary expenditures.

Streamlining shift management: As a facility leader, you remain in control by proactively managing shifts and determining how, when and which shifts to post to the marketplace, while continuing to offer employees the ability to pick up shifts. And, when your favorite professionals request shifts, their requests can be automatically accepted, leaving your schedulers with time to focus on other things.

SAMI is designed to streamline the scheduling process, ensuring that senior care facilities maintain professional-to-patient ratios adequately while keeping you on budget and in control.

Taking the stress out of scheduling with 40,000 hours saved

Schedulers across SAMI clients have reclaimed over 40,000 hours, translating into an estimated $608,000 in saved administrative costs.* This efficiency not only reduces stress but also redirects focus towards enhancing patient care. With less time spent on scheduling, facility administrators like directors of nursing and staffing coordinators can redirect their focus back to patient care or on other pivotal areas like recruitment, retention and implementing burnout-reducing strategies. SAMI facilities enjoy the positive impact on the community when these professionals can dedicate an additional 8-10 hours a week (based on number of shifts posted and filled with SAMI) to fostering their internal workforce or engaging with internal staff.

Data-Driven Scheduling

Making informed decisions is challenging when data is scattered across multiple tools and platforms. SAMI brings your workforce data into one centralized spot, making it easily understandable and accessible. Real-time metrics on unfilled shifts, adherence to labor budgets, scheduled hours and shift rate utilization provide a comprehensive view of workforce management. This consolidation not only simplifies analysis but also aids in swift decision-making, ensuring that workforce gaps are addressed promptly and efficiently.

By addressing these key pain points in the scheduling process, SAMI provides an avenue for healthcare professionals to do what they do best: care for patients. The result is a smoother, more efficient system that benefits both providers and those they serve.

Driving operational excellence

SAMI's transformative approach to scheduling and stress-free management is just the beginning of a journey towards operational excellence in senior care. The next post, "Enhancing operations with SAMI," will dive deeper into how SAMI not only optimizes workforce costs but also supports growth with confidence. Uncover the full spectrum of SAMI's capabilities, showcasing how it empowers facilities to navigate complexities of senior care management with ease and efficiency.

Curious to see SAMI in action and discover its potential for your facility? Schedule a demo today and witness firsthand the benefits SAMI can bring to your healthcare community. Let SAMI guide you towards a brighter, more efficient and employee-friendly future.

*Reported results are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future users will achieve the same or similar results.

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