Experience the value of SAMI: Transforming senior care delivery for the better

Don't get left behind: Experience the value of SAMI

Following the previous exploration of SAMI's revolutionary scheduling and operational enhancements, this third installment focuses on SAMI’s role in delivering high-quality care and fostering a supportive environment for healthcare workers. See how SAMI's intelligent assistance and marketplace integration streamline workforce processes and empower facilities to provide exceptional patient care and enhance employee satisfaction. SAMI offers comprehensive benefits to residents, patients and healthcare professionals, making it an indispensable solution for senior care facilities aiming for excellence.

Delivering high-quality care

Ensuring top-tier care is a priority for every healthcare facility, but specific needs can vary daily. Whether it’s a sudden increase in patients or an unexpected staff absence, SAMI offers a solution. With streamlined access to the ShiftKey marketplace, facilities can easily balance their internal staff and independent providers while remaining in control with their shift preferences and labor budget. The system offers flexibility so the workforce can be adjusted as needed, minimizing unfilled shifts so your HPPD requirements can be more easily met.

Building resident care relationships is crucial. With SAMI, shift requests from your favorite independent workers are automatically accepted. This ensures that residents see familiar faces, fostering trust and continuity of care. This feature stands out because it gives facilities like yours control over who attends to residents, so the independent professionals you trust and prefer can be prioritized when your internal team members are unavailable.

Traditional scheduling can be tedious, with manual efforts sometimes leading to gaps, inefficiencies, and budget variances. SAMI transforms this process, with built-in scheduling best practices and comprehensive scheduling in one system that delivers significant time savings. With other approaches and tech solutions, schedulers waste time working in siloed systems or offline solutions. But with the power of SAMI, schedulers gain back valuable time they can use to focus on other tasks and resources within the community.

By prioritizing flexibility, consistency and efficiency, SAMI empowers senior care facilities to focus on delivering high-quality resident care. Additionally, integrating credential compliance checks within the scheduling system could enhance operational excellence and safety standards, ensuring the right professionals are always in place.

Reduce burnout & increase employee engagement up to 71%

Taking care of our healthcare workers is as crucial as taking care of the residents and patients they serve. SAMI can help with keeping employees engaged, appreciated and far from burnout.

SAMI's distinctive approach prioritizes internal staff for shifts, enhancing their sense of value and encouraging proactive shift selection. This strategy is critical, as seen with Tutera's success, where staff engagement in scheduling soared, showcasing increased shift pickups and earlier commitments. A 71% rise in shift requests seems to show how a strong focus on employee well-being leads to higher motivation and engagement.* SAMI also helps alleviate burnout as qualified professionals can fill gaps, ensuring communities are adequately staffed for resident care. This dual focus on employee satisfaction and operational efficiency underscores SAMI's importance in transforming care delivery environments

SAMI: The bottom line

In a fast-moving world, care facilities require tools that simplify tasks and enhance efficiency and well-being. SAMI does just that, merging intelligent scheduling with robust workforce management.

Its positive impact is clear across various care communities. SAMI has played a pivotal role in helping to fill workforce gaps, boosting employee involvement and allowing administrators to return their focus to direct patient care. Results speak for themselves*:

  • Census increase: A 6% rise within six months, boosting annual revenue by $40 million.
  • Time and cost savings: Schedulers saved 40,000 hours, translating into $608,000 saved on administrative tasks.
  • Reduced unfilled shifts: Up to a 90% reduction, alleviating staff burnout and elevating care quality.
  • Agency hours cut: A 34% decrease, offering significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced employee engagement: A surge in shift requests by up to 71%.

If you're seeking to streamline operations and nurture a flourishing workforce in your care facility, SAMI stands out as a vital partner. We invite you to discover more about SAMI's potential and how it can elevate your facility's operations.

Curious to see SAMI in action and discover its potential for your facility? Schedule a demo today and witness firsthand the benefits SAMI can bring to your healthcare community. Let SAMI guide you towards a brighter, more efficient and employee-friendly future.

*This is not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future users will achieve the same or similar results.

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