Top 10 ways to combat staff burnout in your community


57% of nurses planning to leave their jobs said if they had access to resources on supportive workforce strategies, that would influence them to reconsider.

American Association of Critical Care Nurses

Retaining competent, reliable staff members is a universal challenge in the world of healthcare. How do you keep your best workers when they often feel like their hair is on fire by the end of their shift?

While there are a lot of things outside of your control when it comes to current workforce challenges, there are a number of things that you can address. And the bottom line is that fighting burnout ultimately leads to more satisfied employees, and greater satisfaction leads to elevated care outcomes. In fact:

Nurses who reported a 25% increase in job enjoyment over a two-year study were directly linked to a 5-20% increase in quality of care.

American Nurses Association’s National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators

Breaking the burnout cycle is crucial. Once you establish a baseline, you’ll be in a position to grow, admit additional residents, and provide the quality care and service they deserve.

Here are 10 ways you can help keep your valuable staff members from burning out.
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