Mastering the art of shift planning

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Anticipating and adapting to the ever-changing workforce landscape is not just a skill – it’s an art. At ShiftKey, we know that perfecting the art of workforce management is crucial, and we're here to help you master your craft. We have the strategies you need to stay one step ahead, to pull the strings with confidence and precision. Take your scheduling to the next level with these tips.

Plan proactively, not reactively: Start by forecasting your workforce needs. Use ShiftKey’s Multi-Shift Scheduling feature to your advantage. Posting PRN shifts weeks or even months ahead can be a game-changer because early posts tend to attract more bids, giving you a better selection of independent professional PRN nurses and other needed roles.

Streamline with smart scheduling solutions: Make sure you have the right technology in place to enhance efficiency in your scheduling operations. SAMI (Scheduling Automation Marketplace Integration), the solution delivered by ShiftKey and OnShift, is designed to transform your scheduling by simplifying coordination efforts and providing a comprehensive perspective of your total workforce, including employees and independent professionals, in one place. OnShift’s world-class scheduling software ensures that you have all the tools necessary to streamline your operations, optimize scheduling for your internal employees and make informed decisions effortlessly.

Cultivate a reliable professional network: Over half of the independent healthcare professionals on the ShiftKey platform have over 10 years experience, so you can always find a great professional. And, you can easily assemble a team of independent healthcare professionals that you have used before by utilizing ShiftKey’s One-Click Favorite functionality. You can easily “favorite” those who perform well and are a good fit at your facility. Flagging known independent professionals helps you ensure consistency and quality in care when you need it most, while still giving you freedom to choose from the full marketplace. This approach builds strong relationships and can also prevent burnout of full-time staff by ensuring reliable coverage while they work more flexible hours.

Anticipate and prepare for seasonal needs: Proactively planning for holiday or summer shifts puts you in the driver's seat. Setting early reminders to post upcoming PRN shifts helps ensure seamless coverage and a worry-free season for everyone. For more in-depth strategies on managing seasonal scheduling, check out our full summer scheduling strategies.

Swift action on incoming requests: Keep a diligent watch for new shift requests, particularly during peak times. With ShiftKey’s Easy Assign settings, you can optimize your shift management by automating the request acceptance process with professionals you have flagged previously and are requesting new shifts. This feature allows you to set specific criteria for shift acceptance, giving you the best chance to secure your chosen professionals are secured quickly for your facility. Embrace these settings to enhance efficiency and ensure seamless coverage, whether you need CNAs, RNs or other essential roles.

Reduce burnout, embrace team time off: Allowing your team the freedom to recharge without added stress is essential and often part of the benefit package in many facilities. Being aware of scheduled time off within your team and promptly posting those shifts can help maintain seamless coverage. By using the ShiftKey platform, you can help your facility remain fully resourced, reducing the pressure on your team and helping to prevent burnout. This proactive approach not only supports your team's well-being but also enhances overall job satisfaction and retention.

Reach out for expert insights: Your ShiftKey account manager is always available and ready to share insights or assist with leveraging our suite of features for your scheduling strategies. Unlike traditional nursing temp agencies, ShiftKey connects you directly with more than 140,000 independent professionals, offering more flexibility and control over your workforce needs.

By implementing these strategies, you’re doing more than filling shifts. You’re establishing a strategic approach to shift coordination that aligns with your facility demands. ShiftKey is here to support you in every step of this crucial endeavor. Ready to revolutionize your scheduling process? Try a demo of ShiftKey today and experience the difference firsthand.

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