Managing seasonal schedules: Adopt a summer strategy with ShiftKey

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Summer is fast approaching, and you should strategically prepare your healthcare facility for the unique challenges that the season brings. With vacations underway and children out of school, make sure to optimize your healthcare workforce for the warmer months. ShiftKey can help by streamlining your summer scheduling.

Tip #1: Plan ahead for vacations

Summer is peak time for vacations as many people look to spend time traveling or relaxing with their families. Encouraging your internal employees to submit vacation plans early ensures you have sufficient time to cover all shifts, including using the ShiftKey marketplace to look for independent professionals if your employees are unable to fill a shift. Maintain operational continuity without stress by planning ahead and having contingency plans, for example, if you need to engage independent professionals even on short notice.

Tip #2: Embrace flexibility for parents

With school out for summer, parents might need to juggle childcare and activities like sports or summer camp. Offering flexibility can help accommodate these needs. This flexibility not only supports employees with children in managing their summer commitments but also aids in retention and minimizing turnover by aligning work schedules more closely with personal preferences and responsibilities.

Tip #3: Stay proactive

During the active summer months, it's crucial for schedulers to monitor and manage all shifts meticulously. Regularly review and promptly confirm shifts requested by independent professionals to ensure your facility stays well-equipped for patient care and operational demands. Combine ShiftKey’s expansive marketplace with OnShift’s scheduling and workforce management software for seamless oversight. This proactive management helps maintain a high level of care and operational efficiency.

Tip #4: Build a trusted network

With ShiftKey, create a network of reliable independent professionals to meet your facility's unique needs. Our platform not only allows you to flag preferred professionals for easy future engagements but also ensures a diverse selection of qualified candidates is at your fingertips. Trust in ShiftKey to connect you with the right professionals at the right times, building a network that supports operational success.

Tip #5: Utilize support resources

For our customers, ShiftKey account managers are available anytime, offering tailored guidance and support. Account Managers will work with you to uncover your challenges and requirements to provide actionable insights into our product capabilities.

Embrace the ease of summer operations with ShiftKey. By planning ahead, accommodating personal responsibilities and staying on top of your scheduling, you ensure seamless continuity of care. Let ShiftKey's marketplace and dedicated support take the lead in your seasonal strategy, freeing you to focus on what matters most—outstanding patient care.

Ready for a stress-free summer? Contact your account manager to discover how we can support your seasonal workforce strategy or, If you don’t use ShiftKey yet, schedule a demo today and discover how we can support your seasonal workforce strategy.

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