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Streamline your holiday scheduling process with ShiftKey

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As the festive season begins, facilities across the country are bracing for seasonal scheduling challenges. It's a period where ensuring a consistent standard of care meets the demands of holiday festivities and employee time-off. But with proper planning, you can ensure your shifts are covered, and that the holiday season runs smoothly. ShiftKey can help you with solutions for proactive shift planning.

1. Embrace early shift planning

ShiftKey's Multi-Shift Scheduling feature allows you to publish PRN shifts well in advance, ensuring optimal coverage. As Halloween approaches, it's a great time to make sure your evening shifts are adequately covered ahead of time. December is filled with observances like Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Understand and respect your staff's observances and plan ahead by posting shifts early, keeping these dates in mind.

2. Plan for W2 PTO

Festive season implies time off, and the Thanksgiving weekend is particularly popular among employees for requesting time off. Make plans for both Thanksgiving and the Black Friday weekend by scheduling shifts well in advance to ensure sufficient coverage for these shifts.

3. Be responsive with shift requests

For those unfamiliar with ShiftKey, part of what makes it a dynamic platform is how independent professionals can bid to cover posted PRN shifts. To achieve optimal workforce coverage, it's important for facilities to check and confirm shift requests daily. By doing so, once a request gets approved, that independent professional is scheduled for the shift, ensuring that facilities get their top choices. ShiftKey revolutionizes the scheduling process!

4. Foster a trusted independent professional network

During the holiday season, maintaining consistent care for patients is vital even when employees take PTO. By identifying and marking high-performing independent professionals in ShiftKey, you can create a trusted list of preferred providers within your community.

5. Dive into automated scheduling for the holiday rush

Consider using SAMI, Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration, our award-winning solution in partnership with OnShift. SAMI provides a comprehensive overview of your scheduling landscape, with both in-house employees and independent professionals. With the use of SAMI, you can transform the hectic holiday scheduling period into a smooth and effortless experience.

6. Always remember your support system

A ShiftKey Account Manager is more than just a point of contact. They're a dedicated resource ready to help, whether you're an existing client needing advanced tips or a potential client with initial setup queries.

Enjoy the season

The festive season, with all the joy it can bring, demands careful planning for care facilities. With ShiftKey, you can confidently navigate through Halloween, Thanksgiving, end of year observances and New Year's, ensuring both your employees and residents experience the care and joy they deserve.

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