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Using ShiftKey: Understanding the background check process

To bid on shifts via the ShiftKey app, you will need to complete a background check via our third-party vendor, Checkr, once per year and any applicable state-required background checks. Here are answers to some common questions that our users have about background checks, along with common reasons for delays.

How to request a background check

If you’ve just registered, you will need to complete your drug screen before you can request your background check. Once that’s happened, you’ll receive an email from our trusted third-party vendor, Checkr, called “Start your ShiftKey background check.” To begin, open the email and select “Start Background Check.” You will be directed to Checkr’s website and prompted to enter your personal information, review your rights, sign disclosures and provide your authorization. You will then receive an email from Checkr confirming that your background check is underway.

If you’re already requesting shifts via the platform, and it’s time for your annual background check via Checkr, select the “Start Background Check” button in the background check section of the app.

Why you may need to complete more than one background check

Some states have their own background checks required by law. If you want to bid on shifts in one of those states, you’ll need to complete the Checkr background check and any applicable state-required background checks, which will be listed in the background check section of your ShiftKey profile.

What to expect once you request your Checkr background check

We work with Checkr to run a comprehensive background check, with a standard turnaround time of five to seven business days. You can view the status of your background check, along with the estimated time to completion, via the ShiftKey app anytime. Once you receive notice that your background check has been completed, you can download your background-check report anytime via Checkr.

How to check the status of your background check(s) using the ShiftKey app

Once you request your background check from Checkr, you’ll see a “Check Background Check Status” button in your ShiftKey profile — select it to view the status of your background check. (Note: You’ll be asked to confirm your identity the first time you do.)

The two statuses you can expect to see are:

Pending: This means your background check is still processing. If Checkr needs additional information to complete your background check, they will email you requesting that information. You will have 30 days to provide additional information. If it is not completed at that time, then you will need to restart the process.

Completed: This means that Checkr has completed your background check. Select the “Check Status” button to review your background check results.

How to view the results of your background check(s)

Once your background check has been completed, Checkr will send you an email telling you that the process is complete and the results are ready for your review, and you’ll be able to view the results via Checkr. Once we have the results, we will send you an email letting you know that they can be viewed via your ShiftKey profile.

You can easily access your Checkr background check report and any completed state background check report(s) via your ShiftKey profile anytime by selecting the “Check Background Check Status” button in the background check section of the platform.

Why is my Checkr background check taking so long?

Sometimes, the process can take longer than average, which is five to seven business days.

Here are three common causes for delay according to Checkr:

  1. Checkr needs more information from you.
  2. Checkr is waiting for information from county courts, which often rely on paper records.
  3. There are court record request backlogs due to staff shortages and high demand.

Checkr says my national background check is complete. When will I be able to bid on shifts?

You will be able to bid on shifts as soon as all required credentials have been uploaded to your profile (including Checkr’s background check and any state-required background checks).

If your background check report is clear, your results will be automatically uploaded to your ShiftKey profile.

If your background check requires a manual review, your results will typically be uploaded to your ShiftKey profile within three business days. When our team has a higher volume of background checks to review, it can take longer. You can still view your results through Checkr anytime.

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