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Using ShiftKey: What you need to know about the required annual drug screen

To bid on PRN shifts via the ShiftKey app, you’ll need to upload a few required credentials and keep them up-to-date. One of those is the drug screen, which you need to do every year. Read on to find out how to schedule your drug screen (and reschedule it if needed) and discover the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the drug screening process.

Drug screen basics

Drug testing is a common practice in the healthcare field. Policies vary by facility, but most facilities require at least an annual drug screen.

We’ve partnered with Checkr, a third-party vendor used by 100,000 other companies, to manage drug screens on our behalf. Once we receive your results from Checkr, they will be uploaded to your profile and can be accessed anytime.

When it’s time to take the drug screen, ShiftKey will alert you, making it easy to keep this credential current. During onboarding, you must order your drug screen before ordering the background check via Checkr, but each year thereafter, you can order both at the same time. You must complete a drug screen and Checkr’s background check annually.

How to schedule your drug screen appointment

  1. Request a drug screen

    You won’t be able to request a drug screen until your credentials have been verified, according to your state of licensure’s requirements. Once your credentials have been verified, you can request your drug screen via the “Request Drug Screen” button in your ShiftKey profile. Once you’ve requested your drug screen, you’ll need to schedule it by selecting the “Schedule Drug Screen” button, also in your ShiftKey profile. That will take you to Checkr’s secure portal, where you can begin the drug screening process.

  2. Enter your information

    When you first land in Checkr’s portal, you’ll be asked to enter some information, like your contact information, email, date of birth and zip code.

  3. Review and acknowledge your rights

    When it comes to your information, you have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Checkr provides a summary of those rights and requires you to acknowledge that you’ve read and understood them before you can continue.

  4. Review and acknowledge the ‘disclosure regarding background check information’

    The “disclosure regarding background check information” tells you that we will be accessing information from your drug test and background check and provides instructions on obtaining a copy of your consumer report. Check the box to acknowledge receipt of the disclosure.

  5. Provide your health screening authorization and signature

    Before you can schedule your drug screen, you must authorize us to run a drug screen and background check and provide your signature to confirm your authorization.

  6. Choose a convenient location that you’ll be able to visit within seven days

    Once you enter your information, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can filter screening locations via zip code, making it easy to find a convenient location to complete your part of the drug screen.

  7. Receive your drug screen pass

    Checkr will send an email with a link to your drug screening pass, an electronic document that you'll need for your drug screening appointment. The email will also contain other important information, such as the clinic phone number, some FAQs, and a link to reschedule your drug screen if needed. If you’ve entered your mobile number, you’ll also receive a link to your pass via text. Your pass can be printed, or the clinic can scan the pass from your phone.

  8. Within the next seven days, visit the clinic you selected

    Your drug screen pass expires in seven calendar days. If you don’t visit the clinic within that time frame, you’ll need to re-request your drug screen. You can drop into the clinic anytime during business hours unless noted by Checkr.

Drug screen FAQs

How do I change the location of my drug screen appointment?

To change the location of your drug screen appointment, visit the Checkr Candidate Portal, log in and click “Change Location.”

When will I get my drug screen results?

Checkr drug screens take 2 to 3 days on average, but some may take longer.

If marijuana is legal where I live, is it considered a drug?

For most care settings, Checkr orders a 10 panel drug screen that includes marijuana.

For answers to more questions, contact support.