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Looking for an innovative way to find PRN medical staff?

Looking for medical staff to fill your shifts? Get started with ShiftKey, the largest and most powerful PRN platform in the industry.

Fill Your PRN Shifts
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Are you using outdated staffing agencies to try and fill your PRN staffing needs? Interested in using technology to fill your open PRN shifts? ShiftKey, the largest and most powerful PRN marketplace platform for independent professionals in the industry, is redefining the way facilities approach filling PRN shifts. By using ShiftKey, you can fill your open PRN shifts promptly and efficiently. Request a demo today to explore how using ShiftKey could benefit your facility.

ShiftKey: The marketplace technology platform over 3,000 facilities use to connect directly with independent professionals

Finding PRN coverage should never involve hidden fees, surcharges or trouble getting ahold of someone when you need them. When you use the ShiftKey platform to fill your PRN shifts, the rate you set is the rate you pay, and your account manager is available to assist with using the platform — 24/7.

Not getting your PRN staffing needs met? Try something new with ShiftKey

Have PRN staffing needs but want to try something new? Opting to use the ShiftKey platform to fill your PRN shifts has multiple benefits. You have set rates and can schedule shifts weeks or even months in advance.

ShiftKey eliminates intermediaries by directly connecting you with independent professionals. Additionally, the easy-to-use platform provides you with complete cost transparency, ensuring a hassle-free experience. To enjoy these benefits and more:

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Understanding how to use ShiftKey

Leveraging the ShiftKey platform for your needs is a straightforward process:

  1. You post shifts when you need coverage. This can be done for multiple shifts, weeks or months in advance.
  2. You have set rates; there are no hidden fees.
  3. Independent professionals bid on your open shifts, and you choose who will fill them.
  4. Independent professionals that you connect with through the ShiftKey platform have verified, up-to-date licensing and credentials.
  5. You enjoy less paperwork and complete cost transparency.

Time to ditch traditional PRN staffing agencies

The era of the traditional PRN medical staffing agencies, with their constraints and inefficiencies, is over. You can use the ShiftKey marketplace platform to directly access licensed independent professionals, bypassing intermediaries. Efficiency, control and simplicity characterize the process of using us. Experience the difference today.

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ShiftKey has been a complete game changer. You can seamlessly post holes in your schedule and get results in real time.

Lindsay FrenchLicensed Nursing Home Administrator, Shem Creek Health Center

Begin streamlining the way you fill PRN shifts today

Stop using outdated agencies to fill your PRN staffing needs. Modernize now by using the ShiftKey platform to fill your PRN shifts. Experience the convenience of connecting directly with available independent professionals through this dynamic platform. Schedule a demo today!