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How to increase the chances of having your shift requests accepted

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Five simple hacks you can start using immediately

When you use ShiftKey, you’re taking an entrepreneurial approach to being a PRN professional. You’re choosing where to work, when to work, and how your career fits into your life. These five tips will boost your chances of having shift requests accepted — so you can build a schedule that works for you.

1. Upload all facility-required documents

Though some credentials are not required to use ShiftKey (like the COVID-19 vaccine), consider uploading them anyway.

Why? One, all facilities require certain credentials. Uploading all credentials will open up facilities that require them, and without them, you won’t be able to request shifts at those facilities.

2. Make it easy for facilities to find your background and credentials 

If you’ve never worked at a facility, the scheduler may run your license through a quick check. Some schedulers will take even deeper dives into your work history. Make it easy for them to find your work history, credentials (and a short bio if you feel like sharing) online. Remember, they don’t know you yet, and they’re looking for someone they can rely on. Show them you are that person. 

3. Regularly upload new certifications and credentials to your profile 

Whenever you complete a new CEC or certification, upload it to your ShiftKey profile. The reason? The more certifications you have, the more facilities can understand your strengths and the better their ability to leverage your skills. That helps them book you for shifts that are a fit for you and may reveal additional opportunities in the app, too.

Learn how to easily manage your credentials on ShiftKey.

4. Request multiple shifts at a time

Requesting multiple shifts can increase your chances of having a bid accepted, especially when you first start using the app. You can request as many shifts as you want, even if they have the same start time. That’s because our app is smart — the moment you’re booked for a shift, it automatically cancels your other requests. There really is no risk to this, so go for it.

5.Maintain a high Reliability Score

Facilities can use Reliability Score to help them choose which independent professionals to work with. Keeping yours high is straightforward (showing up on time, etc.), and a high Reliability Score increases your chances of having a shift request accepted.

The No. 1 way to increase your score is to complete shifts. Another way you can keep your Reliability Score high is to cancel at least 72 hours before the start of a scheduled shift, if you do need to cancel.

One way to avoid scheduling conflicts is to cancel shift requests when a shift will no longer work for you. For example, if you book a doctor’s appointment next week at 2 p.m. on Tuesday but also have an open shift request, you can cancel your request. Cancelling shift requests doesn’t affect your Reliability Score at all.

More support for working on your own terms

You can use ShiftKey to help create the lifestyle you want without relying on an agency or employer. Take a look at some of the perks available through our partners, like access to health coverage through Stride and discounted tax assistance from the experts at Keeper. And stay tuned to the blog, where we share regular tips for making the most of the ShiftKey app.