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How to easily manage your credentials on ShiftKey

As an independent healthcare professional, keeping your credentials and certifications up-to-date is a must.

That’s why ShiftKey makes it easy to stay on top of the credentials required to use our platform. We house your credentials so you don’t have to share them every time you schedule a shift at a new facility. We also remind you about credential expiration dates, and you can upload updated credentials in just a few steps.

Here’s how to make the most of our streamlined system.

A nurse, in green scrubs with a travel mug and phone, heads to a PRN shift found on the ShiftKey app.

1. Download the app and turn on push notifications

Credential expiration dates vary by state and type. For example, CPR cards are usually valid for two years, while TB tests must be taken once per year. Drug tests and background checks must also be repeated every year.

When you have the app, you can manage your credentials on the go, and when you turn on push notifications, you get expiration reminders. (If you don’t have the app yet, download it now, and make sure to enable those push notifications.)

2. Know how long it takes to renew each credential

Credential renewal times vary. For example, once submitted, drug tests and background checks can take anywhere from 2-5 days to process (and sometimes longer). License renewal and other state-required credential renewal timelines differ by state.

3. Keep your credentials up-to-date so you don’t lose the ability to request shifts via the platform

If certain credentials expire, you won’t be able to request shifts via ShiftKey until you’ve updated and uploaded them to the platform. (Drug screens and national background checks, which need to be repeated every year, are processed by our third-party vendor, Checkr. The app will direct you to request those on Checkr’s website.) If you’ve turned on push notifications, you’ll get in-app reminders leading up to each credential’s expiration date.

4. Ensure the credential is readable and complete before you upload it

Before uploading credentials that require involvement from a healthcare professional or certifying organization, make sure they contain all requested information — incomplete documents can’t be accepted. Also, ensure all text is readable and all images are clear.

If you need to sign a consent form for credential verification, you’ll receive a link to the form via Proof, which you’ll need to complete and eSign. (Please note that you won’t be able to sign the form until you’ve fully completed it.)

5. Upload facility-required credentials

Some credentials, such as the flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine, are optional. That means submitting them is completely up to you. Although you can use the ShiftKey platform without these credentials, some facilities require them. Uploading them will unlock shifts at those facilities and can also increase the chances of your shift requests being accepted.

6. Upload the correct document type

Your document must be a JPG, PNG, HEIC, HEIF, PDF, .doc or .docx. It must also match the document type you have selected, or the system will reject it. For example, if you’re uploading a PDF document, select PDF and upload the file. If you’re uploading a JPG image, select JPG and upload the file. If you need additional help uploading documents, head to our FAQ.

7. Use your legal name

The name on your credentials must match the name used for your ShiftKey account in order for your credentials to be verified. Please note that you may be asked to disclose previous names (e.g., maiden names and aliases) during any state background checks.

If your legal name doesn’t match the name you used to create your account, fill out this form with your driver’s license, TB test, CPR card and license to practice so we can update the name on your account.

Managing your credentials on the ShiftKey app is really that simple

Now, download the ShiftKey app and turn on push notifications (if you haven’t already) so you can stay on top of them!

Still have questions? Visit our help center.