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Ditch the CNA agency jobs. Use the ShiftKey app to work PRN shifts when and where you want.

You might want to consider creating your own schedule with the ShiftKey app instead of depending on a staffing agency to find CNA jobs for you.

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How to find CNA agency jobs without an agency

If you’ve ever worked PRN, you’ve probably Googled “CNA agency jobs near me” and used a CNA staffing agency from your search results to find those jobs.

Staffing agencies are essentially gatekeepers between facilities that need PRN shifts filled and CNAs who want to work those shifts. You work for the CNA staffing agency, and once you’re onboarded, the agency becomes a middleman between you and the facilities they have contracted.

The ShiftKey app is not an agency. It’s a marketplace technology platform that you can use to connect directly with facilities that have open PRN shifts. You choose the PRN shifts that work for you, and you choose your rate. Then, if the facility books you, you work directly with them. No middleman.

How the ShiftKey app works

  1. Create an account.

    It just takes a few minutes.

  2. Upload your credentials.

Credentialing requirements differ from state to state. Head to the ShiftKey FAQ page if you have questions once you get started.

3. Complete a drug screen and background check.

On average, the drug screen takes 2 to 3 days, and the background check takes 3 to 5 days, but some may take longer. Learn more here.

4. Easily find PRN CNA shifts near you.

Don’t like long commute times that give you less time for your other commitments? You can choose how far you’re willing to travel to each PRN shift. You can also choose to work at the communities you like the most, wherever they are.

5. Request PRN CNA shifts at the rate you choose.

You choose your rate when you request the PRN shift.

6. Get paid your way.

Choose to be paid via PayCard as soon as your shift has been verified (usually the same day!) or get paid weekly via direct deposit.

The ShiftKey app definitely has its advantages. For example, during spring break, I'll do a shift near Six Flags here in Dallas. Then when I get off, we'll go hit the water park. I love it!


Why CNAs love the ShiftKey app

With the ShiftKey app, it’s easy to create your own schedule. If you don’t want to work night shifts, you can use the filters so that you only see day shifts. If you want to pick your kids up from school each day, you can filter by shifts that end in time to get you there.

When you use the ShiftKey app, you’re an independent healthcare professional with the freedom to build a diverse professional network. It also means you’re free to accept employment offers from facilities that interest you.

Or, you can use it to pick up shifts around your regular CNA job, like Candice does:

“Most of the time I will try and work a full-time job, but if I need to make extra money, I will pick up a shift using the ShiftKey app.”

Ready to ditch traditional CNA agency jobs and work PRN shifts on your terms? It only takes a few minutes to get started.

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