ShiftKey partners with Keeper to offer tax software for the empowered workforce

ShiftKey partners with Keeper to offer tax software For The empowered workforce

Partnership between two leading technology companies expands tax solution access to independent workforce

ShiftKey, a leading technology company transforming the future of work, today announced its partnership with Keeper, a tax-filing software built for people who report contracting and freelance earnings.

“ShiftKey is building an ecosystem to support the full range of needs for an independent workforce,” said Mike Vitek, CEO, ShiftKey. “Financial and tax literacy can be complicated, especially for those who operate a small business or have earnings as an independent contractor. Our partnership with Keeper aims to alleviate those stressors for licensed professionals and provide them with an intuitive solution to help them file taxes, so they can continue to embrace independence and flexibility in their work.”

ShiftKey’s partnership with Keeper allows for licensed professionals in the ShiftKey marketplace to look for hidden tax breaks, personalize the tax filing experience and file taxes directly through the app, all for a discounted rate exclusively for the ShiftKey marketplace.

Keeper harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to maximize returns and file taxes for the independent workforce. Keeper supports these workers by automatically finding transactions from any linked bank account or credit card to identify write-offs and expenses that would otherwise have been missed. At tax time, Keeper users can file directly through the app, or seamlessly export their savings to another tax service or accountant. On average, Keeper users discover an additional $1,315 per year in savings compared to traditional tax software. To date, Keeper has helped over 1,000,000 US-based independent contractors with their taxes.

“We’re thrilled to partner with ShiftKey, and even more excited to offer their providers access to a tax product that’s built for their unique business needs ,” said Paul Koullick, CEO & Co-Founder, Keeper. “Over the past year, 10 million new people have shifted into independent contractor roles, bringing the total of 1099 earners to over 60 million. Traditional tax filing software simply doesn't service these individuals adequately.”

ShiftKey’s partnership with Keeper expands the resources provided in the ShiftKey marketplace that supports, embraces and expands the future of work for licensed professionals wanting to embrace independence and flexibility. Last year, ShiftKey’s partnership with Stride Health gave licensed professionals on the platform access to affordable insurance coverage. As ShiftKey continues to grow, it is a priority and responsibility to empower users with everything needed to live life on their own terms.

ShiftKey users can access their discount and sign up for Keeper here.

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