SAMI announced as a 2023 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards finalist

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ShiftKey and OnShift are honored to be selected as a finalist for the 2023 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards for SAMI, Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration.

SAMI started with the realization that the post-acute care industry is at a crossroads. Demand for care and services is high. But ongoing workforce shortages hinder senior care organizations ability to grow and accept new residents.

This led ShiftKey, the industry’s largest and most powerful marketplace for independent professionals, and OnShift, the leading provider of scheduling software for senior care, to introduce SAMI.

SAMI provides a complete view of a community’s schedule — showing their employees and independent professionals in one place — empowering communities with the resources and insights to make strategic workforce decisions in the short and long-term.

It is no surprise that the senior care industry has taken notice ― the results are remarkable!

Growing occupancy & reducing unfilled shifts

SAMI is helping hundreds of communities achieve optimal shift coverage, reducing unfilled shifts by 83%. Including one organization that achieved their highest shift fill rate in two years after implementing SAMI.

With SAMI, communities have the insights they need to fill more shifts with their own employees. When there isn't enough employee coverage for all open shifts, SAMI provides automatic access to the ShiftKey marketplace to fill select shifts with best-fit independent professionals and seamlessly integrates with your schedule to maximize efficiency and provide complete workforce transparency.

Communities no longer have to turn away prospective residents because of insufficient staffing levels and have been able to increase resident occupancy. For example, a senior living organization in the Midwest grew occupancy 7% across their large portfolio of communities using SAMI.

Total workforce optimization & cost savings

With SAMI, executives have the visibility they need across their communities to make better decisions for cost control and organizational growth. According to an HR executive and SAMI customer, “We now have access to the needed workforce coverage paired with key data insights to help us strategically grow our business.”

Schedulers and administrators are able to be more efficient with their work. They no longer have to rely on multiple staffing agencies and use disparate systems, saving SAMI clients up to 500 hours per year, per community. And, employees are able to have more flexibility and control of their schedule, while getting more support at work so they are at less risk of burnout.

With SAMI, organizations are more intentional and strategic when filling open shifts. This has helped many communities reduce their reliance on overtime and costly premiums, including one organization that realized $1.7M in annualized savings.

Ongoing innovation

We are honored to be recognized as a Tech Partner of the Year finalist, but this could not have been without the partnership of our clients. Their insight has helped ensure SAMI delivers value to our clients and the senior care industry.

ShiftKey & OnShift are dedicated to developing and leveraging empowered tech solutions to efficiently solve workforce needs. This innovation will continue as we work to support the growth of the senior care industry.

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