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The top perks independent healthcare professionals love


I can work around my family. I’m not forced to a schedule.


Whether you pick up per-diem shifts to supplement your full-time income or pick them up because you like creating your own schedule, you’re likely to enjoy greater flexibility when you work per diem. Here’s why:

You get the power of choice.

As an independent contractor, you can choose when and where you work. There are no minimum hours, and you have control over how much or little you work, too. Additionally, when you create your schedule, you get the flexibility that most full-time jobs don’t provide.

You can gain new experiences.

When you work per diem, you're likely to encounter a variety of patients, colleagues, and environments — and gain experience along the way. You can also choose per-diem shifts that help you grow professionally. Annamarie, a physical therapist assistant, says that trying out settings she was afraid of helped her rekindle her passion for healthcare.

You can try new facilities.

Instead of being locked into one healthcare facility, you get to try out many. This allows you to bid on per diem shifts at facilities you like and choose how far you travel for work. For example, if you like to work in busy, downtown areas, you can! Or, if you would rather work in rural or residential areas, you can set your sights on those facilities instead. It’s truly up to you.

You can choose work-life balance.

Having the autonomy to choose when, where, and how often you work helps you create work-life balance. Linkeitha, a CNA, says: “I can work around my family. I’m not forced to a schedule.” Once you find work-life balance, you'll be able to say goodbye to burnout, too. You might even be able to carve out extra time for self-care or a vacation.

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Work should be as enjoyable as it is rewarding. Thousands of facilities use the ShiftKey app. Once your credentials have been verified, you'll be able to easily browse and bid on open per-diem shifts in your area.

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