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The ShiftKey difference: A new era for physical therapists seeking PRN shifts

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Physical therapy is an evolving field, in which the constant drive to heal, educate and improve mobility brings a sense of purpose and passion. For physical therapists, the desire to help patients reach their full potential is at the heart of what they do. But while the work is rewarding, the admin tasks and job searching can often be tedious and time-consuming.

If you're in the field of physical therapy and are looking for physical therapist jobs or physical therapy PRN opportunities, you might be wondering if there's a better way to handle your schedule, ensure timely payments and manage and display your credentials in one place. Enter ShiftKey ― a game-changer in empowered work.

The unique benefits of ShiftKey for physical therapists

ShiftKey introduced an elevated experience especially tailored for the needs of PTs looking for PRN shifts:

  • Easier shift management: With the ShiftKey platform, managing shifts becomes a simpler experience. The platform streamlines the scheduling process, allowing you to effortlessly create and oversee your roster of shifts. Imagine having real-time access to thousands of open PRN shifts right at your fingertips. That's the power of ShiftKey.
  • Effortless automation: In today's fast-paced world, automation makes a significant difference in time savings. The ShiftKey app automates many notifications, while ensuring you're always updated. Whether it's shift opportunities, schedule changes or payments, you'll receive timely notifications through email, push notifications or text messages.
  • A rich marketplace of PRN opportunities: It's not just about finding shifts; it's about finding the right shift. ShiftKey bridges the gap between physical therapists and facilities posting shifts. By using the platform, you can discover rewarding opportunities that fit your skills and preferences.
  • Streamlined credentialing: Every PT is familiar with the meticulous process of maintaining professional credentials. ShiftKey provides a handy system for you to upload, manage and display your credentials.
  • Prompt payments: Payment choice is crucial. Some health facilities might delay payments, waiting on insurance. With ShiftKey, you can choose from flexible payment options like next-day payments or opt for weekly direct deposits, ensuring you’re compensated promptly for your hard work.
  • Unmatched flexibility: You choose when and how often you’d want to use ShiftKey. It's all about providing you with the control to define your own schedule. Forget about mandatory weekly hours or obligatory weekend shifts every month. Navigate your career on your terms.

Why physical therapists are trusting ShiftKey

ShiftKey isn’t just about finding PRN shifts; it’s about building a community connecting independent professionals from various specialties. For physical therapists, this means being part of a trusted platform where you can work on your terms ― choose where and when you want to work and at the rate you choose.

ShiftKey's recent launch of PRN shifts for therapeutic specialties like physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs) and speech-language therapists (SLPs) shows its commitment to diversifying and catering to the unique needs of different independent professionals.

Embrace the ShiftKey revolution

In the dynamic landscape of physical therapy, professionals need a platform that suits their unique needs. ShiftKey offers just that. If you're searching for physical therapist jobs, why not consider diversifying with PRN shifts? ShiftKey is dedicated to redefining how independent professionals work and live, connecting you to PRN opportunities to complement your career.

Ready to experience the ShiftKey difference? Start the signup process today and step into a world of exciting opportunities tailored just for you!

And if you're running a facility in need of independent physical therapists for PRN shifts, ShiftKey is your connection to an extensive marketplace of professionals. Make sure you have the coverage you need by tapping into our community of skilled physical therapists ready to fill PRN shifts. Request a ShiftKey demo and explore the possibilities.

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