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Browse, bid on and work nearby PRN nurse jobs

Learn why PRN nurses love ShiftKey! Build your own schedule and get paid your way!

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Easily find and work nearby PRN nurse jobs

Looking for opportunities as a PRN nurse? Try something new by joining hundreds of thousands of independent professionals who, to date, have scheduled over 75 million hours via the ShiftKey app — the technology platform independent nurses use when looking for PRN shifts.

Find PRN Shifts Near You

Build your schedule your way

If you’ve secured PRN RN jobs via an agency, you know that you can’t always choose your shifts. But when you are providing services as an independent professional and use the ShiftKey app, you can browse for and choose the PRN shifts that work for you. Since you work when you want and where you want, it’s easy to build a schedule around your existing commitments.

Get paid your way

When you use the ShiftKey app, you choose the rate you want. And get paid your way — immediately after your shift has been verified — by PayCard (usually within one day) or via weekly direct deposit.

Why nurses love using the ShiftKey app

Nurses appreciate that they can use the ShiftKey app to create flexible schedules, choose their rates and work on their own terms. They also like that they have the option to get paid almost immediately (after a shift has been verified).

I’m a single mother of a three year old. I’m now able to work days that accommodate my hectic life, I can work weekends when I want to, and I get to spend most holidays with my son. Best of all — I can afford to do these things now!

Molly J.RN

I love the ShiftKey app. The fact that I can work when I want to. The fact that I choose my own schedule. I don't think I would be able to work full-time and go to school at the same time. It wouldn't work.

GloriaFuture RN

The ShiftKey app has helped me pay for my expenses. In general, everything is amazing!


How the ShiftKey app works for independent PRN nurses

  1. Sign up.
  2. Easily upload your credentials.
  3. Complete a drug screen and background check.
  4. Browse PRN RN shifts near you.
  5. Bid on shifts for the rate you’d like.
  6. Choose to get paid either immediately after your shift has been verified via PayCard or once every week by direct deposit.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to provide services as an independent PRN nurse, try something new and get started now!

You don’t have to leave your full-time job to use the ShiftKey app. So why not get started today, and see how easy it is to provide services as an independent professional and bid on PRN shifts where and when you want?

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