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National Skilled Nursing Care Week 2024

ShiftKey was the official sponsor of National Skilled Nursing Care Week 2024! It was the perfect way to show our gratitude for skilled nursing facilities, both online and in person. For many, these facilities help create “radiant memories,” the theme of NSNCW this year, through the power of community.

To create some radiant memories of our own, we visited eight senior care communities across the State of Ohio, delivering cookies and enjoying time with the people who brighten the days of skilled nursing facility residents. Their dedication to delivering high quality care, especially during a time when this industry is facing unprecedented challenges, is inspiring to say the least.

"Both on a personal and professional level, I am reminded of our indebtedness to others who take on the demanding, all-too-imperfect profession of nursing. My grandmother spent her sunset years in the care of a facility in Evansville, Indiana. On a professional level, I get to hear stories often from strangers, nurses opening up about what their lives are like. I’ve found that many walks of life come to the profession — but those that stay are sustained by a passion towards those who receive their care.”

-Collin, Director, UX Research

National Skilled Nursing Care Week happens once per year, but our appreciation for these facilities and their vital work is what drives us to innovate and evolve. Our heartfelt thank you to everyone who works in skilled nursing!

"My grandma was very sick last year. We knew she was close to the end of her life, but we will never forget the nurse who took care of her. She sat with my grandma day in and day out and read her books, bathed her, was gentle with her, and showed extreme compassion towards her. It says something about someone’s character when they treat a stranger like family. I’m so grateful for all of the nurses out there who spend their time caring for those who can’t care for themselves. You’re the most selfless people out there!”

-Kendra, Contractor, Social Media