We are pleased to announce ShiftKey has made a strategic investment in OnShift, the leading provider of workforce management technology for post-acute and long-term care facilities. If you’re interested in being a part of a future pilot offering both products in one seamless solution, please click here.

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RN, DON Cherry Ridge Bastrop, LA

I like the control I have of being able to schedule the shifts as quickly and as far in advance as I need. I can access the schedule from home on my mobile phone.

- RN, DON Cherry Ridge Bastrop, LA

MS, BS, LNFA Administrator, Dallas, TX

Being able to manage my resources, and stabilize my facility operations was amazing. All of the professionals from ShiftKey were well trained.

- MS, BS, LNFA Administrator, Dallas, TX

Nursing and Rehabilitation, DON Monroe, LA

This year has been a struggle for many LTC facilities but having ShiftKey provide us with strong providers during this time has made things a little lighter.

- Nursing and Rehabilitation, DON Monroe, LA

Customize your team’s access


Customize your team’s access

Permissions allow you to manage what your staff can do in ShiftKey, allowing you to maintain control and manage usage before receiving a bill. Invite as many team members as you want.

Build your pool of providers


Build your pool of providers

The only app that lets you choose among all healthcare professionals that have requested to work. Gain continuity by using the same providers that have previously worked at your facility.

Predictable and transparent


Predictable and transparent

Built in invoicing and 24/7 live schedule so there are no hidden surprises. ShiftKey does not charge for mileage, have shift differentials, or any other added expenses.

Compliance made easy


Compliance made easy

Only workers with validated credentials can request shifts. Team members can access the credentials at any time through the platform. ShiftKey continues to monitor credentials for changes in validation, not just when they expire.

Anytime anywhere access for your entire team


  • 24/7 invoice access
  • Preview costs before use
  • Real time invoice visibility
  • Ability to cancel within 2 hours of shift start


  • Add to multiple facilities
  • Multi-facility access for management groups
  • Support for multiple levels of care
  • Pay as you use

Powerful Tools

  • Auto-generated, downloadable PBJ reports
  • Authorize who requests & approves shifts
  • Authorize who approves rates
  • Set limits to manage costs
  • Built-in PPD Calculator

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