Using technology to mitigate the workforce shortage

Why facilities using SAMI are seeing fewer unfilled shifts and a 6% average increase in census

Though occupancy rates are returning to pre-pandemic levels, facilities nationwide are still struggling with workforce shortages. We’ve covered the root causes of these shortages before, and as a technology company, we believe facilities can and should leverage technology to find relief from them. But finding relief from the workforce shortage is just the beginning. Facilities leveraging technology to support their workforces, patients and residents are doing more than just filling shifts and delivering better quality of care — they’re growing.

SAMI, Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration, is one of the technologies they’re using. In 2023, ShiftKey and OnShift won McKnight’s Tech Partner of the Year Silver Award in the skilled nursing track with SAMI. An organization using SAMI, Tutera Senior Living & Health Care, won McKnight’s 2023 Innovator of the Year Gold Award in the skilled nursing track because their communities achieved a 90% reduction in unfilled shifts. Tutera also increased census by 7%.

The way SAMI seamlessly integrates ShiftKey’s robust marketplace with OnShift’s scheduling capabilities has completely transformed our workforce strategy.

Joe Schiller Vice President of Human Resources, Tutera Senior Living & Health Care

How does SAMI help increase census?

Delivered by ShiftKey + OnShift, SAMI is engineered to help facilities achieve growth rates like Tutera’s by enhancing their ability to confidently accept more referrals and effectively support their workforce as they expand. The integration combines OnShift’s world-class scheduling software with ShiftKey’s incomparable network of independent, licensed professionals. With a consolidated view of employees and independent professionals, facilities gain total visibility into their schedules. This proactive and comprehensive approach means facilities can confidently accept more patients and residents, knowing they have the workforce to support the increased census.

The OnShift and ShiftKey partnership has been extremely successful. The level of visibility we have now is priceless as we build for the future.

Nicole Kummala Senior Direct of Operational Support, Touchstone Communities

More than 500 facilities across the country have achieved an average of 6% census growth within six months of activating SAMI. (One organization even saw 40% census growth in one of its communities.)

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How does SAMI work?

SAMI is designed to prioritize employee shift requests. Facilities can choose to automatically approve shift requests based on their overtime guardrails. If there are still gaps in the schedule, SAMI posts select open shifts to the ShiftKey marketplace, where independent professionals can request to work them.

Facilities stay in control with customizable rules for how far in advance shift-start openings are posted to ShiftKey. SAMI also makes it possible for facilities to build a network of trusted independent professionals by giving shift-pickup priority to their favorite professionals who have requested shifts on the ShiftKey marketplace.

At Tutera and organizations like it, SAMI has been instrumental in supporting residents and employees while helping to grow census.

Once we tried this solution at a few of our communities, there was no question that we would be rolling it out to every Tutera location.

Joe SchillerVice President of Human Resources, Tutera Senior Living & Health Care

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