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What’s a PRN nurse? Discover a path to professional freedom!

A female nurse is smiling as her young daughter playfully hangs off her back at the front door of their home.

Nursing professionals, are you craving a career with more flexibility and diversity of experiences? Are you searching for a work-life balance that allows you to have control over your schedule? Are you struggling to balance school and work? Or do you have a full-time job, but need a way to make extra money? Then look no further than PRN nursing.

What is PRN?

PRN, or per diem shifts, present a remarkable opportunity for nurses seeking flexibility and variety in their work. They can also be a flexible way to make additional income. As a PRN nurse, you have the freedom to work when and where you're needed, without the long-term commitments typically associated with traditional nursing positions. This career path allows you to tailor your schedule to fit your lifestyle (which can be especially beneficial if you’re a parent or in school), strike a balance between work and personal life and take on new challenges.

Where can you work as a PRN nurse?

As a PRN nurse, your skills and expertise are highly sought after in a wide range of healthcare settings. From hospitals and nursing homes to clinics and long-term care facilities, the opportunities are virtually limitless. Your ability to work in different environments brings valuable diversity to your career.

Perks of PRN nursing


As a PRN nurse with the ability to shape your schedule according to your needs, you can prioritize personal commitments, pursue further education or simply enjoy some well-deserved time off.

Unlike traditional nursing roles that may come with rigid shifts and fixed schedules, PRN nursing empowers you to have control over your time and make choices that align with your priorities. PRN nursing adapts to your ever-changing needs and goals.

Opportunity to gain unique experience

Diversify your nursing career and unlock a world of unique experiences as a PRN nurse. By working at various healthcare communities in different locations, you can continue to expand your knowledge, skills and professional network. You may also have opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and gain new perspectives as you navigate different environments. Embracing the multitude of PRN opportunities available allows you to broaden your horizons, discover your strengths and embark on a fulfilling path of personal development.

Be a positive impact for patients

If you thrive in ever-changing environments, PRN nursing may be the rewarding professional journey you've been looking for. As a PRN nurse, you have the opportunity to provide care when healthcare facilities are understaffed. Your expertise and flexibility ensure that patients receive the care they need, contributing to better outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Your contributions could play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of those in need — when staffing shortages may have an effect on the care they need. Experience the fulfillment that comes from knowing you are making a positive impact where you’re needed most, and let your compassion and skills shine as you embrace the rewarding path of PRN nursing.

How do you become a PRN nurse?

Embarking on a career as a PRN nurse is easy if you possess valid practicing credentials. But becoming a PRN nurse requires more than just meeting those requirements.

As with every nursing opportunity, it calls for a desire to make a difference in the lives of patients. Your compassion, empathy and dedication to delivering exceptional care are what set you apart.

When you work PRN shifts, you have the opportunity to care for a wide range of patients and collaborate with professionals from various disciplines. The role demands flexibility and adaptability as you navigate different healthcare environments. With the right mindset and a commitment to making a positive impact, you can contribute to the well-being of individuals in need — including other nurses who, without your contribution, might be required to work extra hours or care for more people than they can handle.

Challenges of PRN nursing

PRN nursing comes with its own set of challenges that require adaptability and resilience. Each healthcare setting may have its unique protocols and systems, and as a PRN nurse, you must be prepared to navigate these variations. Embracing the learning curve will be essential, but the rewards are worth it.

By being flexible and open-minded, you'll gain valuable experience and broaden your skill set, ultimately enhancing your professional growth. Remember, a challenge is an opportunity in disguise, and you could have the chance to thrive in diverse healthcare environments while making a meaningful impact on patient care.

Finding open PRN shifts by using the ShiftKey app — the game changer!

Finding PRN shifts has never been easier. ShiftKey is an easy-to-use app for iPhone or Android smartphones that you use to connect directly with facilities in need of PRN nurses. You see available PRN shifts in your location and select the ones you want at the rate you choose. Facilities receive your request and will accept it if you’re a good fit for their needs. It’s efficient, user-friendly and the ultimate tool for PRN nurses on the move.

Did we mention that you can find PRN shifts in over 40 states across the country? Whether you’re in sunny Texas or bustling Chicago, using the ShiftKey app ensures that you're connected to opportunities.


Q: Is a PRN nurse the same as a registered nurse?

A: Registered Nurse (RN) is a title that indicates the specific license that allows a person to legally practice nursing within a setting. PRN doesn't describe a nursing license or certification; it describes the kind of shifts a nurse can pick up. An RN could be full-time, part-time or choose to pick up PRN shifts. PRN signifies a choice to work with more flexibility and adaptability, on a per-shift time frame.

Q: How many shifts does a PRN nurse work?

A: It is up to you! The number of shifts a PRN nurse can work varies depending on individual preferences, facility needs and scheduling flexibility. You have the freedom to choose the number of shifts you want to work, whether it's a few shifts per month or more frequent assignments.

Q: How much can a PRN nurse earn?

A: How much you can earn as a PRN nurse depends on many factors, including your experience, the number of shifts you work and the facilities in which you work.

Q: What qualifications do I need to become a PRN nurse?

A: That depends on what type of nurse you want to be. You can find a number of resources on the internet, as well as through local colleges and universities. If you’re already a nurse, you can work PRN nursing shifts.

How to Know if PRN Nursing Is for You?

PRN nursing opens up possibilities for nurses seeking both opportunities and flexibility. Whether you're looking to supplement your existing income, pursuing further education or managing various commitments, PRN nursing provides options to suit individual needs. It allows you to have control over your schedule, offering the chance to earn extra money or accommodate other aspects of your life. PRN nursing caters to diverse individuals with different motivations, providing freedom to customize your nursing journey according to your circumstances.

ShiftKey revolutionizes the PRN nursing experience with its user-friendly app designed for iPhone and Android smartphones. The platform connects you directly with healthcare facilities in need, eliminating intermediaries and empowering you to control your career.

Shape your career on your terms, enjoy the benefits of autonomy, maintain a fulfilling life outside of work and realize the ability to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare field by embracing PRN nursing opportunities. Get started with the ShiftKey app today!

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