Frustrated with your nurse staffing agency? Upgrade to the most powerful PRN marketplace platform in the industry.

A female nurse scheduler and nurse both in scrubs giving standing assistance to an elderly female patient with their backs to the camera in a sunny long term care facility bedroom.

Looking for nurses to fill your open shifts? Ditch your nurse staffing agency for Shiftkey, the largest and most powerful PRN platform in the industry.

Are you searching for nurses to cover open PRN shifts? It's time to upgrade from your traditional staffing agency to a modern technology platform like ShiftKey. Request a demo today and see how easy it is to connect directly with independent nurses who are ready to fill your PRN shifts.

Connect with local, independent nurses directly via ShiftKey

Facilities use the ShiftKey platform to help secure coverage for open PRN shifts. Use the platform for direct access to local, independent professional nurses who are ready to fill open PRN shifts when needed, cutting out the traditional staffing agency intermediaries.

Why use ShiftKey to secure PRN shift coverage?

Choosing to use the ShiftKey platform to fill PRN nurse shifts provides definite advantages over traditional agencies:

  1. Customization: Delegate authority to trusted staff for who can post, approve and sign-off on PRN shifts.
  2. Continuity of care: Provide the care your patients need by connecting with available independent professionals.
  3. Cost efficiency: Complete cost transparency with no surge pricing, no shift differentials, no buyout fees for hiring professionals you find via the ShiftKey platform, and no hidden surprises.
  4. Compliance: Book with confidence, knowing all independent professionals have their credentials verified and monitored for changes.

How ShiftKey works

Securing PRN shift coverage through ShiftKey is a straightforward process:

  1. Set your hourly rates.
  2. Set your budget.
  3. Post the PRN shifts you need covered.
  4. Select an independent nurse interested in your shift.
  5. Enjoy less administrative work and full cost transparency.

No surprises, no hidden fees ― just a seamless, efficient process.

Ditch your traditional nurse staffing agency

Traditional nurse staffing agencies can be inefficient and constraining. Using a technology platform like ShiftKey gives you direct, transparent connections to independent nurses, providing the coverage you need without the usual red tape.

A game changer for modern healthcare

This PRN marketplace platform is an innovative solution tailored for the modern healthcare landscape. “ShiftKey has been a complete game changer,” says Lindsay French, a licensed nursing home administrator at Shem Creek Health Center in Florida. “You can seamlessly post holes in your schedule and get results in real time.”

Interested in streamlining and automating your scheduling?

Experience the future of scheduling by using the ShiftKey platform to tap into a wide network of licensed professionals. Don't let traditional nurse staffing methods hinder the quality of care that you provide any longer. Schedule a demo today.

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