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Thank you for your interest in ShiftKey, in ShiftKey’s engineering department and, in particular, about career opportunities at ShiftKey’s office in Warsaw, Poland. The developers and engineers in ShiftKey’s Warsaw office work hand-in-hand with their US-based colleagues. All team members are highly valued, recognized for their innovative ideas, and work on groundbreaking solutions to important technological challenges.

What ShiftKey Does

While ShiftKey is first and foremost a cutting-edge tech company, our market is the healthcare sector. The ShiftKey marketplace facilitates direct connections between fully licensed, verified healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities that need nurses, certified nursing assistants, and other healthcare pros to work on an “as-needed” basis (known as “working PRN,” in healthcare lingo).

As you may have heard, the US healthcare system faces a significant shortage of nurses in the labor market—something made quite a bit worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, it’s not uncommon to find healthcare facilities struggling to fill shifts with headcounts sufficient to satisfy regulatory requirements for the number of patients and residents under the facility’s care.

Previously, healthcare facilities had to rely on traditional staffing agencies to find PRNs—or go the highly tedious and manual route of finding their own PRNs through advertising open positions.

We designed our offerings to speed up the process of filling PRN shifts by leveraging technology to remove the tedium and “friction” of the old-school model.

Now, facility administrators can harness the ShiftKey platform’s powerful tech tools to post open PRN shifts—weeks or months in advance—with a few mouse-clicks. Independent health pros then bid on the shifts they want, via the ShiftKey App for smartphones. Available both for iOS and Android devices, the ShiftKey App tightly integrates with features of the respective operating systems, including mapping, notifications, alerts, and more—in a natural, intuitive, and seamless product.

Judging by ShiftKey’s 800%+ growth in the last six quarters, facilities and healthcare pros alike love using ShiftKey.

Among the many benefits of working at ShiftKey, the one aspect our employees cite more than anything else is knowing that they’re making a meaningful difference in the lives of real people.

As mentioned in the “What ShiftKey Does” section, technology lies at the heart of what we do—none of this would be possible without the talent of our developers and engineers, who do this all in service of one overarching goal: Crafting a thoughtful, valuable digital—but still very much human—experience for all the people who use ShiftKey.

ShiftKey embraces a people-centric culture. We nurture a positive and equitable environment where our team, at all levels, can grow, learn, and contribute to the best of our individual and collective abilities.

We encourage personal and career growth & development. Proudly located at the intersection of the booming healthcare industry and the ever-moving edge of technology, ShiftKey presents an incredible opportunity to implement new ideas and intelligent solutions for the healthcare industry.

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ShiftKey Has Strong Roots in Poland

ShiftKey co-founder Ralph Marczynski was born in Toruń, Poland. Ralph moved to the US as a child, but grew up speaking Polish at home and maintained strong family ties to the country of his birth.

ShiftKey’s engineering department has been Poland-based since the company’s inception. Under the leadership of Witold Frąckiewicz, who built and continues to manage the growth of ShiftKey’s Polish operations, the Warsaw office has played an instrumental role in our phenomenal growth. And, just like in our US offices, ShiftKey strives to be one of the most coveted workplaces in the market.

Situated in the heart of Warsaw, on the banks of the Vistula river and overlooking the city’s landmark PGE Stadion Narodowy, ShiftKey Warsaw’s bright, modern, Class-A offices feature high-end finishes, a kitchen space, and a fun vibe.

Our Culture

Since ShiftKey’s Engineering Department has been in Poland since our early days, we’ve worked very hard to build into our Warsaw office the same fun, curious, and innovative environment in which our U.S.-based employees thrive. Benefits of ShiftKey culture include:

  • Flexible paid time-off
  • Flexibility to work remotely or in-office—work where it works for you!
  • An inspiring, invigorating work environment that also offers recreation (ping-pong table!) and space for socializing
  • A challenging job—with lots of chances to learn new things—while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance
  • A chance to work on a team that’s determined to dominate this emerging market

Every person and role at ShiftKey makes a unique and valuable difference. If you’re part of the ShiftKey team, it’s by no accident. We carefully consider each role and human being – skills, character, goals and understanding of the innovative foundation we continue to build upon.

ShiftKey’s Warsaw office is a great place to advance your skills and career path. Join a team today that’s shaping the technology and job markets of tomorrow.

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