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The festive period from Halloween to New Years offers enjoyment but also potential disruptions to continued quality of care at facilities, due to holidays, staff PTO and unpredictable surges or lulls in care demands during the holidays. The good news? ShiftKey is here to simplify your PRN planning process. Experience a seamless holiday season with our strategic guide:

1. Cultivate a network of independent professionals

By building and maintaining a roster of dependable independent professionals, you can ensure consistent quality of care as well as address specific needs. ShiftKey can simplify this process with tools and resources to help organizations identify and connect with top-performing independent professionals, creating a preferred list for your facility's needs, with confidence.

2. Prioritize communication

Transparent communication with your workforce is essential all year round, but particularly ahead of peak times like the holidays, which often sees a rise in PTO requests starting around Thanksgiving and Black Friday. By proactively posting PRN shifts well in advance, you can help ensure continuous care delivery and manage coverage to maintain your high level of patient care during busy times.

3. Early holiday shift planning

Once you have a good understanding of your upcoming workforce needs, harness ShiftKey's Multi-Shift Scheduling feature. Post PRN shifts in advance, ensuring your facility remains operational, especially during notable end-of-year observances like Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Start now and secure those vital November and December shifts.

4. Stay alert to coordinate PRN shift requests

If you are using ShiftKey's platform, it allows independent professionals to bid on the PRN shifts you have posted. For optimal coverage, reviewing and promptly approving these requests daily can help secure your preferred choices of independent workers.

5. Embrace SAMI for hassle-free shift planning

ShiftKey has introduced SAMI (Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration) with OnShift, offering a complete view of your shift landscape, showing you both your in-house teams and independent professionals covering your PRN shifts. Navigate your holiday PRN shifts with this award-winning feature.

6. Utilize your ShiftKey support system

Your ShiftKey Account Manager is a dedicated ally, not just a contact. Whether you're already on our platform or exploring ShiftKey's potential, our experts are ready to assist you understand and thrive with ShiftKey.

Enjoy the holidays

This festive season is about more than just celebrations; it's about ensuring your facility consistently delivers high level care, even during the busy holidays. With ShiftKey by your side, confidently enjoy the festive period and fill your PRN shifts with ease.

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